Misdemeanor Citations & Moving Violations

 Misdemeanor Citations

Misdemeanor criminal citations (tickets) are often issued by officers for alleged violations of laws such as underage drinking, possession of marijuana and trespassing.  When you signed the citation you promised to appear in court.   The date for your appearance is on the bottom of the citation. You MUST appear in court on that day.

Appearances on criminal misdemeanor citations are mandatory. The appearance date may not be continued unless the court approves your written motion to continue or the District Attorney’s Office stipulates with you to continue the date. Information regarding motions and stipulations is available on our FAQ’s page.

Moving Violations

When you signed the citation (ticket) issued to you by an officer you promised to appear in court on any Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. before your appearance date or on your appearance date. Bring your citation with you if you appear before your scheduled date and time.

If you pay the ticket and choose not to contest it, then you are not required to appear in court.