Misdemeanor Citations

Misdemeanor criminal citations (tickets) are often issued by officers for alleged violations of laws such as underage drinking, possession of marijuana and trespassing.  When you signed the citation you promised to appear in court. The date for your appearance is on the bottom of the citation. You MUST appear in court on that day.

Appearances on criminal misdemeanor citations are mandatory. The appearance date may not be continued unless the court approves your written motion to continue or the District Attorney’s Office stipulates with you to continue the date. Information regarding motions and stipulations is available on our FAQ page.

Moving Violations

When you signed the citation (ticket) issued to you by an officer you promised to appear in court on any Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. before your appearance date or on your appearance date. Bring your citation with you if you appear before your scheduled date and time.

If you pay the ticket and choose not to contest it, then you are not required to appear in court.

Civil Infraction Violations

Civil infraction citations are often issued by officers for alleged violations of certain traffic laws pursuant to NRS 484A.7049 and where the citation is marked as civil infraction.

You have 90 days from the date the citation was issued to either pay the civil penalty in full or to request a hearing to contest the citation. If you do not pay the citation in full or contest the citation the court may enter an order finding that you committed the civil infraction(s) and assessing a monetary civil penalty and assessments, refer the case to collections, and/or order the suspension of your driver license.

If you do not wish to contest the citation, you may pay online by clicking the link below, pay at the court’s customer service window, or by mailing the full amount to East Fork Justice Court P.O. Box 218 Minden, NV 89423. If you mail the full amount of the citation, the court accepts this as you are not going to contest your citation and payment will be processed and case closed.

Contesting Your Citation

If you would like to contest your civil infraction citation, you may do so by posting a cash bond in the amount equivalent to the civil penalty indicated on the citation. A hearing will be scheduled once you have posted the cash bond and you will be notified of your court date by mail. It is your responsibility to ensure the court has your correct mailing address. You can pay the cash bond at the court’s customer service window, by calling the court, paying online, or by mail. At this time, all those contesting should download the Request for Hearing form below, fill it in and mail or bring to the court.

If you are unable to pay the civil penalty you may complete the Waiver of Posting Bond Form and submit it to the court by mail or in person.

The court does offer payment plan and community service options if you are unable to pay the citation in full. Please contact the court to discuss your options.

Making Payment

When you click on Pay Online you will be directed to our payment processor website. In the Payment Type field you will have three options to select.

The different payment types available on external payment site
The above image shows the different payment types available.
  1. Select Fines and Fees if you are paying a filing fee, paying a fine, paying for record searches, or a misdemeanor traffic citation.
  2. Select Admit to Infraction and Pay in Full if you are not contesting the civil infraction traffic citation.
  3. Select Contesting/Posting Cash Bond if you are contesting the civil infraction traffic citation.

East Fork Justice Court is in Minden, Douglas County, Nevada.